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About Akboria Residential Hotel

Thank you for checking Akboria Residential Hotel. Akboria is a group of companies. Akboria has been providing secure and attractive residential services for many years. It has restaurants, confectioneries, hotels, auto flour mills, printing & packaging and many other companies. Akboria Residential Hotel offers different types of room accommodation. Among them signle AC, Double AC, Couple AC, General Signle, General Double, Special Signle remarkable Akboria Residential Hotel love to offers accommodation with great security and cheap rate compared to others. Also you can order necessary food items instantly.

To Reserve your desire room please provide all the required information by clicking the button above or Contact Hotline:01716179982

General Terms and Conditions to Book a Room

1. Reservation will be valid upon payment received. With no advance payment, reservation will be cancelled automatically

2. You can cancel your reservation before 6 hours of arraival

3. After requesting a reservation, one of our authorized customer service manager will contact you as soon as possible.

4. If you cancel your booking, you will get refund via same payment getway. For mobile wallet refund, you'll receive 2% less amount